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Ziptrax' AI Technology

The Problems

Lead acid batteries are highly toxic and cause severe environmental damage as well as to all Lifeforms due to the presence of Lead. Li-ion batteries are today used once and thereafter discarded. Thus, ending up in a landfill, where they pollute the land, air and water. There is a lack of Reuse and Recycling results in an immense amount of resource loss due to this wastage. India imports all it's Li-ion batteries currently and dumping them means only increasing our imports bills and pollution levels continually each year.

The Solution:

  • Ziptrax uses lithium-ion batteries which are the safer alternative and less damaging towards the environment.
  • We believe in providing high quality Li-ion batteries, that are affordable and come with an enhanced life and smart monitoring.
  • We utilize advanced IoT based technology to remotely monitor and improve battery performance using our AI Engine.
  • This concept aims to reduce carbon emissions and wastage resulting in a cleaner Energy Access as well as Affordable green technology.