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LONGER LIFE, SMARTER BATTERY. We not only give the battery a second life, but also make it last longer than its original life.

Our History

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Ziptrax's unique technology provides Lifecycle Management of Lithium-Ion batteries. Our Cradle-to-Grave approach to Li-ion batteries reduces the battery costs significantly for applications such as EVs and BESS, benefitting not just Manufacturers and Distributors but also End Users and Customers.

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The Ideation for Ziptrax, originated through the concept of Urban Mining batteries to extract critical minerals such as Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel and Copper.

2017R&D Stage

1. Need for an Advanced Technology to monitor battery lifecycle and performance.

2. Discarded Li-ion Batteries still have 70-80% Capacity leftover at the End of Life threshold, and which gave us the idea for giving these batteries a Second Life.

2018AI And Prototypes

We created prototypes for different applications of the batteries, using 2nd Life cells and sent them for real time use, to help gain validation as a PoC as well as collect data.


We are currently in the pre-production stage and further R&D for standardizing our product designs and specifications.

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