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Lithium-Ion Battery |

Ziptrax extends the life of Li-ion batteries by combining it with our AI-based Technology. Our artificial intelligence engine and IoT enabled hardware makes Lithium ion batteries last for up to 40% longer.

Our Services

What We Do

Cell Auditing

Segregation and regrouping of cells with the aid of machine learning algorithms, post quality check


AI driven determination of application of various cells


Construction of superior designs for batteries as per custom specifications

Sales & Battery Swapping

Final product is then shipped to various OEMs and swappable battery operators

why us

Choose Ziptrax today!

  • Lead acid batteries have multiple drawbacks including a very short service life. Despite lithium-ion battery bieng the more expensive alternative, it is superior and smarter along with having a longer battery life.
  • ZipBattery being a second life Li-ion battery has features such as fast Charging, long Service life, Zero Maintenance, remote monitoring, intelligent power, high DoD, non-toxic, etc.
  • ZipBattery being cost competitive with lead acid batteries are hence a preffered alternative that brings all of the superior features of a Li-ion battery at the price of a lead acid aattery.

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